Goats and Sheep

Goat Kids and Lambs

I've got live goats available as for pets, breeding stock and more. The prices start at $100 and go up from there. There are several still available that are breeding quality doelings and one buckling still available. I've also got several wethers that would make excellent pack prospects of pets!

There are 3 ewe lambs available for sale still and they have beautiful wool! It is fine and a beautiful colour!

Rams and Bucks

Sheep and goats have 5 month gestation period, which means fall is the season of love on the farm! I've got a Cashmere buck (Henry), a Boki buck (Sheamus), and a myotonic buck (Carl). My rams are a Boarder Chevio (Cooper) and an Icelandic (Tony). 

The first ram, Cooper, went in with his ladies on October 16, 2018 so lambs should begin arriving around March 12, 2019. These lambs will make excellent 4-H prospects!


My doe herd consists of cashmere, Boer, Nubian, Toggenborg, lamatcha, and miniature myotonics and combinations of the lot! My main focus is my cashmere goats. All goats produce cashmere except Angoras. My goats are combed every spring and have beautiful fine fibres. These fleeces will be available after the show season, some will be raw and some will be dehaired. The fleeces will be posted to the store once they have been shown!


I've got two groups of ewes, a meat type group that has Rosie (Dorper), Raven (Rosie's Daughter) and Coral (Suffolk cross). They go in with Cooper and should lamb in mid March. My other group is the Icelandics, Molly, Mia, Delta, Dawn, Freya, and Marshmellow! I will be introducing them to my new ram, Tony, at the end of October. Icelandic sheep are very seasonal and rarely breed out of season. This is Tony's first breeding season and as he's not even a year yet, I don't want to push him! I will update once he's been introduced to them!

Goats Milk Soap

I will be posting my soaps for sale once the market season is over. That is at the end of October!


Where does cashmere come from? Cashmere is the soft down that keeps goats warm in the winter. The fibre starts growing as the days begin to get shorter and stops once the days begin getting longer. It is combed once the goat begins shedding it. Generally, the cashmere starts shedding before the guard hairs. 

Some of the critters

Henry aka HFC Quartz

I fell in love with Henry the very first time I saw him! He has beautiful fibre and beautiful kids! He is a stunning looking buck!


Sheamus is a registered Boki buck who throws nice looking kids that occasionally get blue eyes! His kids are also the friendliest of all the kids! 


Cooper is a Boarder Cheviot who was born in 2015. He's a total gentleman and throws beautiful lambs!

Two Ton Tony Galento... Tony

Tony is my new Icelandic ram. He was born in 2018 and I will be using him on all my Icelandic ewes. He's got beautiful wool and I think he'll produce beautiful lambs!


I've got a lovely group of does and I do have some older does available from time to time. I do try to get their fibre tested every year for the average fibre diameter. 


I've got meat type ewes as well as Icelandic ewes.