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Cashmere Goats and Icelandic Sheep!

I started the idea of the farm many years ago after reading a book called 10 Acres Enough. The book was a bunch of articles that had been published in a newspaper all about growing enough food on 10 acres of land that you can feed yourself for the year as well as sell enough to live on. I loved this idea and started my research into what animals and crops that would be a good fit with my property. I chose goats because there was an abundance of brush on the majority of the property... goats were definitely the answer there! I wanted to have a dual purpose animal so chose a fibre breed in the cashmere! The bonus of the cashmere was that I didn't need to shear them, I can comb them once in the spring! The Icelandic sheep have the most amazing wool! I chose them because of their hardiness as well as that glorious fibre!

The Birds and the Bees!

I've also got chickens, ducks, turkeys and of course, the amazing honey bee!! My hens are for eggs and for raising chicks (those little banty hens are amazing mothers) as well as bug control. Actually all the birds help out with bugs and various other critters!! I've got Muscovy ducks, Rouens, and Call Ducks! The ducks are great at getting rid of all the mosquito larvae in any standing water. I raised turkeys for the first time this year and just fell in love with them! They are inquisitive and friendly birds who follow you everywhere! 

The honey bees arrived in 2017 and they have been amazing to watch and work with! Each hive has it's own personality and some of the workers are much crankier  than others. The second hive I bought is the easiest of the 5 to handle. The workers are abundant and are quite easy to handle! My two new queens are excellent producers but not as amicable when it comes to handling them!

Fibre, Honey, Eggs, Soap, and meat

Every year I'll have eggs, honey, goats milk soap, cashmere, and Icelandic wool available through the year. Every fall I'll have goat, lamb and turkey available.


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